Membership in associations

FOSFA INTERNATIONAL Federation of Associations of Oil, Seed and Fat Producers
Member of the International Grain and Feed Trade Association GAFTA. Category J – fumigation operator
ISO (International Organization for Standardization). International Federation of National Standards Bodies
Member of the Council on Fumigation in Maritime Transport as part of the association. all-Ukrainian public organization “Fumigation Association”

The services


The colouration of grain with food coloring is a mandatory requirement in a number of cases of grain supply to the …


Comprehensive protection against pests during storage extends to grains that are subject to technical regulation, grain storage facilities and grain storage …


Degassing – (from de … and French gaz – gas), removal (destruction, neutralization) of phosphine from the processed cargo, warehouse, storage, …


Fumigation (Latin fumigatio, from fumigo – fumigating, smoke), gasification, destruction of pests and pathogens of plants with poisonous vapors and gases. …


Increased security

Our main principle of work: QUALITY AND SAFETY! Each treatment, whether it is storage space or grain in the hold of the vessel, goes through the preparation stages associated with assessing the suitability and preparedness of the facility for gasification, the ability to provide security to outside personnel, calculate the necessary conditions for both fumigation and pest control. We are confident that quality fumigation with strict compliance with safety standards is the only key to success.

Increased security

State Enterprise “Donetsk Expert Technical Center of the National Research Institute of Industrial Safety and Labor Protection” regularly conducts an examination of LLC “First Fumigation Company”, confirming the enterprise’s ability to carry out works of increased danger associated with gas preparations of Class I hazard and carrying out degassing work. The company conducts its activities in the field of international relations and ensuring the safety of crews of sea vessels in accordance with:
– Recommendations on the Safe Use of Pesticides on Ships of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), 2002; – Instructions for the transport of dangerous goods (IMDG code); – GAFTA Regulation No.132. (Fumigation Rules).

In the process of work and development, the specialists of the enterprise developed a unique “Technological Guide to Fumigation on Sea-Going Ships” that combined all the current labor safety regulations and defined uniform safety rules for all persons participating directly or indirectly in the process of fumigation on marine vessels. This Technology Guide was submitted to specialized departments of the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Health and received positive feedback from leading experts in the field of maritime safety. To date, the Technology Guide has not been revised once and revised in accordance with the toughening requirements for safety on sea vessels.

The next stage was the improvement of the qualification of the enterprise’s employees at the Institute of Postgraduate Education of Sea and River Transport Professionals in order to train the leaders and workers of the fumigation units to prevent emergencies and poisoning of personnel during fumigation in specific conditions of the port and on ships. As a result, LLC “First Fumigation Company” is the only company in the eastern region of Ukraine that has certified specialists for safe fumigation in ports and on sea vessels, which in turn gives our customers confidence in the quality of the work performed and the absence of delays for ships with accidents.

Compliance with Ukrainian regulations

fumigation company “is included in the register of licensees of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy:” Carrying out the fumigation (disinfection) of regulated objects, which are defined by the Law of Ukraine “On plant quarantine”, which move across the state border of Ukraine and quarantine zones. The license of series АВ № 456277 from 21.09.2009.

To works on fumigation of grain cargoes in ports rigid requirements on sanitary-and-hygienic and ecological specifications are shown. In connection with this, the specialists of the leading specialized scientific institution “The Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology. A.N. Marseeva “in Kiev a comprehensive examination of LLC” First Fumigation Company “was carried out for compliance with the norms of collective security. This is confirmed by the Sanitary and Hygienic Examination Opinion No. 05.03.02-07 / 91501 of 08.10.2013 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. In its turn, in the field of environmental safety, First Fumigation Company LLC has permits from the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine for all activities related to the use of such hazardous substances as fumigants. The presence of its own specialized fleet for transportation of fumigants guarantees the timely execution of incoming orders, as well as providing security for others when using fumigants.

The presence of its own specialized fleet for transportation of fumigants guarantees the timely execution of incoming orders, as well as providing security for others when using fumigants.

about company

LLC “First Fumigation Company” is one of the largest enterprises in the sector of agricultural products processing in Eastern Ukraine. The enterprise was founded in 2009 and was originally intended for disinfection of export cargoes in the holds of sea-going vessels of the Azov Sea ports: the Berdyansk Sea Commercial Port, the Mariupol Sea Commercial Port and the Ukrtransagro LLC (berth No. 2 of the Shipyard).

To date, LLC “First Fumigation Company” includes three branches, provided with a full staff, material and technical base. Based on this, we provide high-level services to our customers in Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Kherson, Odessa and Mykolaiv regions.

Our goal is to provide quality services and ensure the safety of all participants involved in the process of grain transportation to customers.

Priorities in the company's work are:
  • quality and safety of work.
  • flexible pricing system, which depends on the volume, area and object of decontamination.


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